About Us

Who We Are

Agromint is a revolutionary agricultural eCommerce platform in Nigeria which operates along the entire agricultural value chain. Our platform creates an opportunity to buy and sell a wide range of agricultural inputs as well as raw output and processed foods. Agromint has brought together a number of professionals with years of experience in the field of agriculture, marketing and logistics in order to actualize the dream of ensuring access to markets for all players along the agricultural value chain.
The company enhances agribusiness in Nigeria by allowing Agric related businesses (regardless of their size) to showcase their products online. Agribusinesses are able to list their products on the Agromint website for free and their products are guaranteed maximum exposure on our widely accessed platform. Agromint also ensures that vendor products are delivered at the doorsteps of appreciative consumers.
Agromint presents consumers with an unmatched input-to-fork range of agricultural products that serve the need of both individuals as well as agribusiness value chain players looking for quality farm inputs, processed foods, agro-cosmetics, farm machineries, equipment and fresh farm produce among other products. Agromint provides services to every class of player in the agricultural space regardless of size, budget or experience. Agromint serves the needs of these different players by:

  • Having a wide and diverse selection of agricultural products available at any point in time.
  • Ensuring the highest quality products by allowing only the most reliable, ethical and trustworthy vendors to showcase genuine products on their site.
  • Working hard to provide a market for farmers with raw agricultural outputs who may find it difficult to sell their produce at a decent price.
  • Providing expert advice on proper agricultural practices to customers.
  • Ensuring that prices are reasonable and fair without compromising product quality or vendor integrity.
  • Having a wide range of delivery options for consumers – including courier services, local transport, or even in office pick up.