Fruits & Vegetables

    • Fresh oyster mushroom


      Our Oyster Mushrooms are tender in texture and in a graceful seashell-like shape which makes them a versatile addition to many recipes. This fresh oyster mushroom can be used in making sumptous meals, they impart more of their delicate, briny flavor when cooked and have a velvety texture.

      Sauté oyster mushrooms with butter and onions to help bring out more of its flavour.  It also makes a tasty side dish and snack which can be added to your pasta or sandwiches.

      Very high in antioxidants, helps reduce inflammation, cholesterol while boosting the health of the brain.

    • Cucumber (50kg)


      Big, Fresh and 100% natural. Hygienically planted and packed. Contains 80 -100 cucumbers in a bag of 50kg.