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    • Transport Crate (Medium)


      It can be stacked upright on the truck, with live poultry birds contained therein. Reduces likelihood of injury to the poultry.There is proper ventilation due to good air permeability. Capacity of 17 layers per unit.

    • Transport crate (Big)


      This economical & durable plastic poultry transport crate is used for transporting live poultry animals on a road-transport truck thereby minimizes stress of transportation for birds. It can be stacked upright on the truck, with live poultry contained therein reducing likelihood of injury to the poultry. There is proper ventilation resulting from its good air permeability. It has a capacity of 25-30 layers per unit.

    • Manual Drinkers

      High quality plastic manual poultry feeder

      Easy to use and maintain

    • Automatic debeaker (Without counter)


      This automatic debeaking machine is a stress-free, poultry-friendly machine. It is composed of a transformer, motor and cooling exhaust fan. Equipped with a motor starting boat-shaped switch and voltage. adjusting multi-stage switch with a movable electric heating blade.

    • Automatic Bell Drinker


      They are made of high-quality plastic material and designed for durability. Easy to use and maintain.

    • 96 Eggs Capacity Poultry Mini Incubator


      This incubator is well designed to enhance easy operation and flexibility of use for various species of birds. Can easily adjust to adequately incubate eggs of chickens, turkeys, quails, ducks, and geese. Comes with all the essential features to ensure you get good hatch-ability and ultimately, quality chicks.