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    • Zeb-Care


      Mancozeb 80% WP. It is a non-systemic agricultural fungicide with multi-site, protective action on contact. The mixture controls many fungal diseases in a wide range of field crops, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and ornamentals.

    • Xtra Force


      Active Ingredient:Atrazine 250 g / L + Metlolachlor 250 g / L SC.Triazine for Atrazine and Chloracetamide for Metlolachlor.Selective, per-emergence and early post-emergence agricultural herbicide used to control annual grass and broad-leaved weeds in maize, sorghum (tolerant variety only), sugarcane, cassava and yam.

    • Worm Force


      Active ingredient: Carbofuran 3%. Systemic with predominantly contact and stomach insecticide, nematicide.

    • Vespanil plus


      Active ingredients: Propanil + 2,4-D Amine; (36+20% EC).Vespanil plus is a mixture of a contact and systemic herbicide.Used as post-emergence in rice to control broad leaved and grass weed.

    • Touchdown Forte Herbicide


      Touchdown Forte a soluble concentrate non-selective foliar. A systemic herbicide for the control of a wide range of annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds, certain woody perennials and industrial weed control.Rain fastness-excellent retention, wetting and optimal spreading compared to ordinary glyphosate. High efficacy-improved dual adjuvant allows faster absorption and faster weeds control.

    • Top-Atraz-Super


      Active Ingredient: ATRAZINE, 80% WP. It is a selective systemic herbicide absorbed by the roots and foliage with translocation acropetally in the xylem and accumulation in the apical meristems and leaves. Used as a Pre- and post-emergence control of annual broad-leaved weeds and annual grasses in maize, sorghum, sugar cane and pineapples.For agricultural use only.

    • Top G-Phosate


      A foliar applied general herbicide.Contains 360g/L Glyphosate in the form of 480g/1L Isopropylamine saltIt is a non selective , non residual post emergence foliar acting herbicide for the systemic control of perennial grasses including spear grass, elephant grass, cyonodon species and broad leaf.

    • Termispring


      Active ingredient: contains 360 g/l Propanil + 200g/l 2,4-D. Mixture of a selective contact herbicide 2,4-D.Used as post-emergence on rice (up to 4 leaf stage), for grass and broad-leaved weed control.For best results, the field should be uniformly levelled with a well-prepared seedbed free of large lumps of soil. For use only as an agricultural herbicide on rice.

    • Super Gro (5 Litres)


      Super Gro is 100% organic; a liquid fertilizer made from poultry droppings and seabird guano.
      Excellent for Gardeners.
      Very safe to use and handle: Non-caustic, non-inflammable and non-toxic.

      Has long shelf life.

    • Super Care


      Composition: Cypermethrin 10% EC. Target Crops: Vegetables: Tomato, Potato, Cucumber, squash, pepper, cabbage, watermelon, cauliflower; Fruits: Apple, grapes, peach, citrus, Olive; Field crops: Wheat, barley, corn, alfalfa, forage and Ornamental.Target pests:White fly, worms, aphids, weevil, Scale insects, aphids, fruit worms, leaf worms, Thrips, hoppers, cutworms, green leaves and worms.

    • Super Amine (2-4D Amine)


      This Herbicide contains 720 g/L Di-methylamine salt as an aqueous solution.Used for the control of broad leaved weeds in maize, rice, wheat, and plantation crops such as rubber, oil palm, and sugarcane.

    • Sunfuron


      Active Ingredient: contains 40g nicrosulforun per Liter in form of oil dispersion.Sunfuron is a selective systemic herbicide.Used to control annual grass, weed, and some broad-leaved weeds in maize field.

    • Striker


      Contains Nicosulfuron 40g/L liquid.Nicosulfuron is a broad spectrum herbicide that controls a wide range of maize weeds, also, both annual weeds and perennial weeds.Nicosulfuron is a systemic selective herbicide, displaying genera-selectivity.

    • Sting


      Active Ingredient: Dimethoate+Lambda Cyhalothrin.Targets a wide range of insects including aphids, Colorado beetles, and butterfly larvae.It is also used to control insects identified as potential disease vectors, such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, ticks, and flies.

    • Spring DDVP


      Active Ingredient; Spring DDVP-1000EC100% w/v dichlorvos emulsifiable concentrate. Strong poisonous to Agricultural pests with stomach, contact and respiratory action.It is effective against aphids, spider mites and caterpillars.

    • Sniper DDVP Insecticide – 1000EC


      Contains 1000gL of 2,3- dichlorovinyl dimethylphosphate (DDVP).SNIPER is a highly effective insecticide/miticide that controls over 30 foliar and soil borne pests.SNIPER gives growers the flexibility and residual activity needed to combat insects in conventional or biotech systems.

    • Shield 20EC


      Contains 200g of chlopyriphos per litre. A contact and stomach acting termicide for the control of termites in wood, farm sites, and most insect pests of crops like cocoa, maize, fruits and vegetables.

    • Select Herbicide


      Contains 375g/liter MCPB and 25g/liter MCPA, both as sodium salts, in form of a soluble concentrate. Selective herbicide is used for the control of broad leaved weed in maize, wheat and plantation.Can also be used for crops like oil palm, rubber and sugarcane.

    • Scalmine Herbicide


      Active Ingredient: contains 720g/liter of 2-4-D Amine salt as concentrate. Effective for control of small annual broad-leaved weeds. Used to control small annual and biennial weeds predominantly in small grains and pasture.

    • SAAF Fungicide


      Active Ingredient: Carbendazim 12% Mancozeb 63% WP.Mode Of Action : Contact and Systemic action.Crops : Groundnut, Fruits, Vegetables, Rice.Target Diseases: Leaf Spot, Rust, Blast.Recommended dose/acre : 300-400 gm/acre.

    • Reeva


      2.5% EC formulation of Lambda cyhalothrin. It is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide.It controls a wide spectrum of chewing pests belonging to Lepidoptera and Coleoptera in crops such as cereals, ornamentals, potatoes, vegetables and cotton. Has moderate effect on sucking pests, which is an advantage over the conventional pyrethroids.

    • Red Force Powder


      Active Ingredients includes Metalaxyl-M6% Plus Copperoxide 60%WP. It is a combination of systemic and contact fungicides. It is suitable for use on a wide range of crops. It is rapidly absorbed and has strong, lasting effects.

    • Pendiseal


      Contains 330 gram of pendimethalin per liter as an emulsifiable concentrate. Pre emergent herbicide for groundnut, soyabean, rice, cotton and vegetable.

    • Paraforce

      Active Ingredient: Paraquat Dichloride 24 % SL
      Type: Non-Selective, Post emergent Herbicide
      Mode of Action : Contact-Photosynthesis inhibitor
      Major Crops : Tea, Potato, Cotton, Grape, Rubber, S’Cane, Sunflower, Rice, Wheat, Maize, Apple
      Target Weeds : Imperata cylendrica, Setaria spp., Commelina benghalensis, Boerhavia hispida, Chenopodium Spp.
      Dose/acre : 500-1000 ml

      Formulated for Agricultural Uses Only.

    • Nopest Insecticide


      Contains 1000g DDVP per litre.It is an insecticide used on crops, animals, and in pest-strips.

    • Maxiforce


      Maxiforce contains highly systemic nutrients with fungicidal activity against Phytophthora, Pythium, Mildews, Brown Rot

      Enhances plant natural defense mechanism

      Improve plant nutrient health

      Improve foliar uptake of cations (i.e. K, Ca, Mg, Mn

      Expiry date: Dec 2017

    • Magic Force


      Active Ingredient: Lambda-Cyhalothrin 15g/+ Dimethoate 300g/LSystemic contact and stomach agricultural insecticide-Acaricide used to kill mites and insects systemically and on contact.It is used against a wide range of insects, including aphids, thrips, plant hoppers etc.It is also used as a residual wall spray in farm buildings for house flies.

    • Lara Force


      Lara Force is a Strong poisonous chemical to Agricultural pests with stomach, contact and respiratory action. It is effective against Aphids, Spider, Mites, Caterpillars, Thrips and White flies. Lara force controls sucking and chewing insects and spider mites in a wide range of crops, Including fruit trees, vegetables, rice, wheat, maize, cotton, cocoa. etc…Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pest problems to eradicate quickly. By far, the best solution for bed bugs is Lara Force Insecticide chemical.

    • Lambdacal Insecticide


      2.5EC Emulsifiable concentrate.Contains; 25g of Lambda Cyhalothrin per litre.Lambda Cyhalothrin targets a wide range of insects.In commercial applications, Lamba Cyhalothrin is used on food crops, non-food crops, in greenhouses, in and around hospitals, for cattle (in ear tags), and in termite treatments. Residential use can be both indoors and outdoors on homes, ornamental plants, and lawns.

    • imi Force


      Contains: Imidadoprid 200g/L SL An excellent systemic foliar and soil agricultural insecticide which acts as contact and stomach poison in various agricultural crops.

    • Haifa Bonus


      Water soluble fertilizer 20-20-20 with micro nutrient.Free of harmful compounds such as chloride, sodium, per chlorate and excessive sulfate.Contains a specially developed catalyst for better adhesion to the leaf surface.Improved absorption and prolonged action.

    • Green Leaf cockroach Killing bait (5g X10 Sachets)


      Strongly effective in killing cockroach and its eggs. It can also impede the eggs from hatching, which leads to their abnormal death and thus achieves a unique effect of cockroach eradication. Sanitary and environment-friendly: no chemical residues, non-polluting, no irritant odor.

    • Glyspring


      Active Ingredient Glyphosate 41% SL Type: Non-Selective, Post-Emergence. Broad Spectrum Weeds of Annual, Perennial grasses, broad-leaves and stubborn weed Crops. Plantations Doses 2-4 Litre per Hectare, Stubborn Weeds – 4-6 Litre per Hectare, Elephant Grass – 8 Litre per Ha Pack Sizes 1 Litre

    • Glyphotex


      Contains Glyphosate IPA 41% SL. It is a non-seletive, non-residual, post emergence foliar acting herbicide for the systemic control of perennial grasses including spear grass, elephant grass, cyonodon species, cyperus and broadleaf.

    • Gladiator


      Contains 1000g/l of 2,3-dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate (DDVP).Targets all major citrus pests.Provides quick knockdown and long lasting residual.

    • Furadan 3G


      A granule. Contains 3% carbofuran.An insecticide/nematicide for the control of a wide range of insect pest and nematodes in nursery and also in rice, vegetables,oil palm,maize and tobacco.