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    • Xtra Force


      Active ingredient: Atrazine 250g/L+metolachor 250g/L SC.It is a selective, pre-emergence and early post-emergence, agricultural herbicide to control annual grasses and broad leaved weeds in maize, sorghum, (tolerant variety only), sugar cane, cassava and yam.

    • Worm Force


      Carbofuran 3%. systemic with predominantly contact and stomach insecticide and nematicide.

    • WeedLezz


      A non selective contact herbicide. Contains 276g of paraquat dichloride/L. It is used to control weeds in many agricultural and non-agricultural practices. It is also used as a defoliant on crops like cotton, prior to harvest.



      High and good yield  under different conditions (thanks to a good tolerance to Anthracnose), KAOLACK is famous in sub Saharan countries.



      Early Ice Box type. Fruit skin is very dark green, almost black. Flesh colour is crisp, bright red and taste is very sweet.

      Sugar Baby is round and the fruits weigh between 4 to 5 kg.

    • Touchdown Forte Herbicide


      Touchdown Forte is a soluble concentrate non-selective foliar, systemic herbicide for control of a wide range of annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds, certain woody perennials and industrial weed control. Rain fastness-excellent , retention, wetting and optimal spreading compared to ordinary glyphosate. High efficacy-improved dual adjuvant allows faster absorption and faster weeds control.

    • Top G-Phosate


      A foliar applied general herbicide.Contains 360g/L Gyphosate in form of 480/L Isopropylamine salt

    • Tomato U.C -82B


      Tomato UC 82 is rich in minerals, citric acid and vitamins A, B, C. It has refreshing action and excites gastric secretion, therefore aids digestion.Plant type: Determinate Brix degree: 4 – 8 days of Maturity in days from transplanting: 90. Fruitshape: Square, firm. Fruit weight in (g); 90.



      Determinate plant growth with high fruit setting. Maturity: 65 – 68 days after transplant. Fruits are egg-shaped, uniform color, and weighs 110 -120 gram (0.25 lb) each. Tolerant to Nematodes and White fly transmitted Gemini virus.

    • Tomato Seed (Roma VF)


      Vigorous, strong, and resistant to Fusarium wilt.producing heavy yields of picture-perfect, thick-walled fruits with deep red color and mild flavor. A good choice for a commercial variety, as well as in the garden.Determinate; Vigorous. Maturity; 65 days.

    • Tiller


      Farm implement for stirring and pulverizing the soil. Powered by a small but heavy duty petrol engine.Easy to operate and handle. Low maintenance cost. Provides long lasting brilliant performance.

    • Termex 48EC


      Active Ingredient: 480g of chlorpyriphos per litre.A contact and stomach acting termicide for the control of Termites in wood and farmsite, also for most insect pest of crops like cocoa, maize, fruits and vegetables.

    • Super Gro


      100% organic liquid fertilizer made from poultry droppings and seabird guano.
      Excellent for Gardeners.
      Safe to use and handle: Non-caustic, non-inflammable, non-toxic.
      Multi-purpose use.
      Has long shelf life.

    • Super Amine (2-4D Amine)


      This Herbicide contains 720 g/L Di-methylamine salt as an aqueous solution.Used for the control of broad leaved weeds in maize, rice, wheat, and plantation crops such as rubber, oil palm, and sugarcane.

    • Striker


      Contains Nicosulfuron 40g/L liquid.Nicosulfuron is a broad spectrum herbicide that controls a wide range of maize weeds, and also both annual weeds and perennial weeds.Nicosulfuron is a systemic selective herbicide, displaying genera-selectivity.

    • Sting


      Active Ingredient: Dimethoate+Lambda Cyhalothrin.Targets a wide range of insects including aphids, Colorado beetles, and butterfly larvae. It is also used to control insects identified as potential disease vectors, such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, ticks, and flies.

    • Small Nursery Bags (100 bags)


      Nursery bags are used in raising seedlings to be transplanted later to the field.It is usually perforated to allow for aeration, drainage of excess water.It allows for easy germination of seeds

    • Sharp Shooter


      Contains Profenofos 40%+ Cypermethrin, 4%EC.It’s a Broad spectrum insecticide.

    • Safety Boot


      This is worn basically to protect the feet from getting bruised such as the cut from cutlasses, snake bite etc

    • Rocket


      Active Ingredient: Chloropyrifos 20%ECContact Stomach and Vapour action Agricultural Insecticide.Be in control of pests of vegetables, groundnut, soyabeans, cow pea, fruit trees, cotton, cocoa etc.It is a very good termite killer.

    • Rice Harvester


      Ideal for cutting Wheat, Rice,etc. Suitable for both dry and paddy fields. No need to incline your body while cropping.Can be easily installed and comes along with many blades to be used for different purposes and a collector.

    • Reliquant


      276g paraquat Dichloride (200g paraquat)/LReliquant is used to control weeds in many agricultural and non-agricultural practice areas.It is also used as a defoliant on crops like cotton, prior to harvest.

    • Red Force


      Red force has an active ingredient of Metalaxyl-M 6% + Copper(i) oxide 60%WP.It is a protective contact, systemic, residual agricultural fungicide used mainly to control the black pod disease on cocoa. For effective disease control and protection of field crop, fruits and vegetables.

    • Prime Force


      Contains: 1000G/L of Dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate (DDVP).It is an insecticide used on crops, animals, and in pest-strips

    • Philips Solar Lamp


      It is a Solar-powered LED lighting system comprising two elegant pendant luminaries and a USB port for phone charging.Provides light intensity to enable your broiler chickens to eat for a longer duration of time and grow fast as well as increase egg production in laying bird.The solar lamp serves as an alternative for electricity supply, as the luminaries provides brighter and longer lasting light (up to 40 hours) than kerosene, lamps, and candles.Can be used in poultry houses and farm buildings.

    • Paraforce

      Active Ingredient: Paraquat Dichloride 24 % SL
      Type: Non-Selective, Post emergent Herbicide
      Mode of Action : Contact-Photosynthesis inhibitor
      Major Crops : Tea, Potato, Cotton, Grape, Rubber, S’Cane, Sunflower, Rice, Wheat, Maize, Apple
      Target Weeds : Imperata cylendrica, Setaria spp., Commelina benghalensis, Boerhavia hispida, Chenopodium Spp.
      Dose/acre : 500-1000 ml

      Formulated for Agricultural Uses Only.

    • Nursery Tray


      Nursery trays are used in raising seedlings to be transplanted later to the field.They are usually perforated to allow for aeration and drainage of excess water.

    • Nopest Insecticide


      Contains 1000g DDVP per litre. It is an insecticide used on crops, animals, and in pest-strips

    • Motorized Knapsack Mist Duster


      Knapsack Motorized Sprayer is used to spray insecticide at the farm, around the house and at anyplace in particular. The Motorized version used gasoline mixed with engine oil to function hence works actively than the non-motorized one. It comes durable and strong and affordable.



      Excellent quality for fresh eating and processing, long harvest time and long shelf.

    • Magic Force


      Active Ingredient: Lambda-Cyhalothrin 15g/+ Dimethoate 300g/L.Systemic contact and stomach agricultural insecticide-Acaricide used to kill mites and insects systemically and on contact.It is used against a wide range of insects, including aphids, thrips, planthoppers etc.It is also used as a residual wall spray in farm buildings for house flies.

    • Lara Force


      Lara Force is a strong poisonous chemical to Agricultural pests with stomach, contact and respiratory action. It is effective against aphids, spider, mites, caterpillars, thrips and white flies. Lara force controls sucking and chewing insects and spider mites in a wide range of crops, Including fruit trees, vegetables, rice, wheat, maize, cotton, cocoa. etc…Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pest problems to eradicate quickly. By far, the best solution for bed bugs is Lara Force Insecticide Chemical Active IngredientLambda-Cyhalothrin 2.5 % EC.

    • Lambdacal Insecticide


      2.5EC Emulsifiable concentrate. Contains; 25g of Lambda Cyhalothrin per litre. Lambda Cyhalothrin targets a wide range of insects.In commercial applications, Lamba Cyhalothrin is used on food crops, non-food crops, in greenhouses, in and around hospitals, for cattle (in ear tags), and in termite treatments. Residential use can be both indoors and outdoors on homes, ornamental plants, and lawns.

    • Knapsack Power Sprayer


      Comprises of quality motor, pump, tank for the chemical and a spray gun.Tank capacity: 20 liters.Spraying volume: 8 l/min.Piston pump pressure: 400 psi.Suction Volume: 8-10L/min.Motor: 26cc.

    • Jorkemil Plus


      Jorkemil plus has an active ingredient of Copper I oxide 60% + Metalaxyl 12% WP.It is used to control black pod disease on cocoa.

    • Impulse sprinkler (with Zinc Spike)


      Easily adjustable distance.Adjustable rotation to control watering area.Adjustable waterspray.Universal fit with other brands.Durable metal head and foot.