Date powder

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100% organic. Date Powder is solar dried at a low temperature and ground to a sugar consistency to produce a concentrated sweet, caramel flavor. Delicious when added to baked foods, dates can replace some or all of cane sugar or any other sweetener called for in a recipe. Non soluble hence does not disolve in liquid; they aren’t soluble like sugar. Instead they contain fiber, which is highly beneficial for your digestion and elimination. Dates have a lower glycemic index than cane sugar due to its fiber content, slowing down the absorption of its complex carbohydrates in the intestines. If you’re motivated to cut down on sugar, dates are the perfect way to wean your taste buds off excessive sweetness. With their potassium and calcium content along with trace minerals, vitamins and free radical-fighting polyphenols, dates are a nutrient-dense food that provide you with more than just a sweet pleasure!


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