Christmas Hamper (Fantastically Mega)

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Beautifully Packaged Agro Hamper with Variety of edible and reusable items.
Unique, versatile, indigenous, fresh, natural and Lasts long even if you do not intend to use any of the items immediately.
An amazing gift choice for yourself, friends, family and customers.


Ofada rice (1kg)
Shea butter
Garri (1kg)
Honey 500ml
Soy powder
Beans flour (1kg)
Ogi (1kg)
Date syrup 250ml
Cleaned bean 5kg
Fruit wine
Coconut oil 200ml
1kg Smoked fish
Dried pepper 500g
Combobits (8)
Shea butter oil
Fruit juice 1l
Date powder 200g
dried bitterleaves (4)
IYAN flour (500g)

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